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Students qualify at DECA State

Over the weekend, students in DECA traveled to Colorado Springs to participate in DECA State in the hopes of qualifying for the national competition. DECA is an organization that allows students to practice their leadership an entrepreneurial skills through marketing, finance, hospitality and management activities.

The students left on Saturday. They stayed in a hotel in Colorado Springs that was very close to the competition, which was held at the Broadmoor Hotel. DECA members came from all over the state in the hopes of winning their respective divisions.

Written finals were held on Sunday, with the roleplays being saved for the following day. Seniors Carlisle Maney and Sanjali DeSilva in Creative Marketing, Alex Thompson and junior Reganne Fornstrom in Chapters of Excellence all broke to finals. Written finals were held on Monday. A total of 18 members broke to finals and thus competed for a third time on Tuesday.

Monday, it was time for roleplay. Students competed in two roleplay events, with a final score that combined the performance of those roleplays with a test that participants took beforehand. Juniors Reganne Fornstrom and Sarah Payson placed an impressive second in this competition, qualifying them for ICDC, the national DECA competition.

“In the roleplay, every time Reganne and I come out, we have a total adrenaline rush because we always feel so good about what we did and it’s always just so fun because it’s high stress, but also huge relief when you are done. So both of ours, we felt like we did really well overall and that’s just a really nice feeling,” said Payson.

Four students from LHS qualified for ICDC: Senior Alex Thompson and juniors Ben Morris, Reganne Fornstrom and Sarah Payson. It is being held in California this year; however, because the competition is being held the same weekend as Prom, qualifying students will not be attending.

“It’s a bummer. ICDC was really fun last year, but I am honestly just very happy and grateful that we qualified in the first place. State is always such a great experience,” said Payson.