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The Drowsy Chaperone: a wonder of entertainment

The Drowsy Chaperone premiered this evening as a last dress rehearsal and was open to the public. Overall, the performance was both rousing and very comedic.

The director of the musical was new-comer Kelly McAllister. The choir teacher, Jim Farrell, and band teacher, Don Emmons, also played a major role in the success of the performance.

The musical was different from other ones in the past because it had a live narrator speaking throughout in his bedroom. This appealed to the audience members as it helped them relate to the story the musical was trying to set.

All actors had outstanding performances, adding bits of humor and drama to make for an entertaining production. The beginning began with fun awkward humor that was well acted and drew the audience in.

The set itself on stage was well done with appropriate backdrops and quick set changes during dialogue. The set managers and stage crew were smooth and silent throughout the performance which is always counted on. Furthermore, the costumes were impressive, with the flapper fashion of the 1920’s clearly showing. However, in sticking with the 1920’s theme, there could have been more fringe and flapper style to some outfits.

Everyone’s voice hit the mark and they all fit their roles perfectly. The style of the show was very intriguing. It was fun watch a comical scene at one moment and then a serious, deep one in the next with everyone breaking into song.

The actors ranged from all grades, freshman to senior, and the talent from everyone was an admirable surprise.

The small parts were especially enjoyable because they still caused the audience to laugh and were unexpected. The pastry chefs were hilarious because they were secretly gangstas, and the kind of gangstas you would see in the 1920’s. The monkey number was also humorous because the actors had to sing it seriously.

The Drowsy Chaperone was always good for a laugh, as well as Alfonso. His character was played very well, and it was easy to tell what he was thinking. He had many funny one-liners. The Producer and Kitty were also a funny duo because Kitty had a funny, annoying sound from an old musical.

Overall, the musical was a hit and it is highly recommended to see for a laugh and to hear all the great voices.

“I think the show turned out really well and I’m excited about it,” said junior Sydney Shepard.

See the musical Thursday, March 2, Friday, March, and Saturday, March 4. For specific times, please check the LHS website.