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Fandom Enthusiast Amber Sheeran

Sheeran poses in her Loki cosplay

Harry Potter, Marvel, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, these are all of the fandoms that senior Amber Sheeran considers herself to be a part of. She holds a lot of love for these fandoms and shows her affection for them through a variety of ways.

“It is mostly talking about the show or book with friends. It is a great way to start a conversation. I look at theories and headcanons and fanart on pinterest. There is so much great artwork out there based on fandoms,” said Sheeran.

Besides just looking at fanart online, Sheeran does her own form of fanart. This particular form of art is one that is not typically heard of in the world of fandoms and utilizes Sheeran’s musical abilities.

“I’m personally not a very good artist, but I have written an eight minute symphony following Nico Di Angelo’s character [in Percy Jackson],” said Sheeran.

Sheeran also does her own cosplay, drawing inspiration from multiple different characters of a wide range of fandoms that she identifies with. Sheeran has her own style of more casual cosplay that is easier to put together, but still recognizable to fellow fandom members.

“I wanted to learn how to make myself resemble someone different. Most of the costumes are just a trip to Savers and maybe a little bit of alteration. What I do is more of a causal thing, so I don’t tend to go exactly [to the character], just something recognizable,” said Sheeran.

Sheeran’s cosplay is made easier by the access that she has to materials and the simplicity of the costumes that exist in most of her fandoms.

“If there is a helm or armor, I can usually just piece together scrap metal from my dad’s garage. It helps that the fandoms I am in make it pretty easy to cosplay,” said Sheeran.

So far, Sheeran has taken the more affordable route with her “casual cosplay”, and she has been able to do several different cosplays from fandoms such as Percy Jackson, Marvel, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

“Percy Jackson just needs an orange shirt, and the amount of Hufflepuff stuff I’ve collected is pretty big. For Doctor Who, I’ve got Ten’s blue suit and jacket that I found at Savers for like fifteen dollars. It is so much fun to dress up as your favorite characters. I was Loki once and my dad taught me how to mold metal and make the helm. It was great,” said Sheeran.

Like many other students at LHS, Sheeran finds a lot of enjoyment and creative outlets through her fandom, further exemplifying the power that fandoms truly have on students’ lives.