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Have your voice heard – Superintendent sends out district wide survey on school start times

Littleton Public Schools is considering a major schedule change for next year – starting high school an hour later. However, this would also mean that students would leave school an hour later.

LPS administration is interested on the opinion of the student body on this issue, and this Monday, LPS superintendent Brian Ewert sent out a district wide email to all middle and high school students inviting them to participate in a survey.

The survey takes less than two minutes to complete and asks what students feel about having a later start time as well as getting out at a later time. The survey also inquires about student interest in having a late start PLC wednesday every week and even early dismissal days.

Click the link in the message to be directed to the survey, this is an excellent opportunity for the district to hear your voice on the matter. Today is the last day take the survey so do not hesitate!