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Superhero super fan Alex Green

Green modeling his Plastic Man cosplay at Denver Comic Con

For junior Alex Green, fandoms are like his cars. Unlike the stereotypical teenage boy, Green does not spend his free time polishing his precious car, instead he focuses his attention around a variety of fandoms that he has valued ever since he was a little kid. Superheros especially have been an obsession for him every since he was young.

“When I was a kid, I watched the old superhero cartoons and played superhero. I never got into cars or anything like that, so when I grew older my obsession with superheroes stuck with me very similarly to guys who love cars. And, like guys who work on their cars, I write scripts for comic books and draw superheroes in my free time. Superheroes are like my cars,” said Green.

Green is in a variety of fandoms, and instead of merely enjoying his fandoms from the outside, he tries to place himself in the shoes of the characters from his fandoms.

“I am a part of many fandoms including Harry Potter, Rick Riordan and comic books to name a few. I enjoy imagining myself as if I were in them, what position I would be in, how I’d relate to the main characters or what adventures I would have with the skills of being in that universe,” said Green.

For Green, one of the most enjoyable parts of being in fandom is the experience of going to Comic Con. He particularly enjoys the opportunity to cosplay his favorite characters. For Green dressing up is more than just fun. He sees it as a way for people to demonstrate to other Comic Con attendees the level of thought and dedication that is put into their fandoms.

“I mainly go to comic con, and I almost always dress up. It shows everyone the time and dedication that we put into our favorite characters that we’ve grown to love from stories and movies alone,” said Green.

Comic Con is a valuable experience for any dedicated fandom fan, and Green views it as a special opportunity that is set aside for the sole purpose of appreciating your fandoms on a level that is not fully accessible on a daily basis.

“In our day to day lives we don’t get a lot of opportunities to focus on books, movies, etc. The cons are just there for a few ideas to be presented, merchandise to be sold and people to appreciate their fandom for hours on end,” said Green.

Whether it is a car or a fandom, everyone has something that they truly adore and dedicate their free time to in their lives. To Green, it is clear that his fandoms provide him equally, if not more, enjoyment than a car ever could.