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IB seniors go on a field trip

Today, the IB seniors took a field trip to the Mizel Museum, a Jewish culture, art and education center. The IB students are currently in the middle of studying 20th century wars, and they of course are studying World War II and the Holocaust, so the Mizel Museum was a great choice to learn about the war and Jewish culture.

They started by watching a documentary made by the son of a Holocaust survivor, Eli Adler. The documentary named Surviving Skokie tells the story of Jack Adler, a Holocaust survivor. It talks about his life in Poland and how he survived the Holocaust. It also tells the story of a Neo-Nazi uprising in Skokie, Illinois, where Jack moved after World War II.

After watching the documentary, the seniors were able to meet Jack Adler and speak to him, asking him questions about his life and Jewish culture in general.

“That part of the trip was really cool,” said senior Anna Maestas.

They asked questions for 40 minutes and then were allowed to walk through the rest of the museum. They looked at an exhibit called “4000 Year Road Trip,” which tells the history of Judaism and Jewish struggles.