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Fifty Shades Darker is a powerful sequel

I will first note that to easily understand this review, it is highly recommended to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, the first film of this trilogy.

In this sequel, Ana brings a whole new meaning to romance by continuously trying to find out more on Christian Grey due to his trauma that influenced his sexual fixations and how they can get through issues together.

I was surprised that I thought this movie had good messages behind it due to the fact that I am not one who takes interest in seeing romantic movies.

The view of Christian Grey’s character was changed for me from the first to the second movie. Throughout the film, the relationship of Ana and Christian is looked at through a different lens. It made me more for Christian and Ana to be together because it seemed the love they had for each other was so strong that both of them were willing to change for each other.

Both characters have changed significantly from the first to second film which really gave a sense of what my definition of romance is. Where people put other’s needs before theirs, and how they will try and change a flaw that makes the relationship work more.

What makes Fifty Shades Darker so much better than Fifty Shades of Grey is that Ana finally discovers what happened to Christian. For me, it helped have more empathy for Christian. While at the same time, it made him more admirable because of his issues he was trying very hard to overcome.

The romance that I saw was not the only significant detail that was seen, but the affect their love had on others which caused jealousy, driving Christian and Ana closer. Christian’s past brought some hardships for them as a couple. Which really shows how ugly jealousy can make a person.

A couple of characters (that won’t be mentioned so there is no spoilers here) really affected the plot to where it left a cliff hanger, which makes me really excited for Fifty Shades Freed, the final film of the trilogy.

Overall, the secrets that were uncovered, the jealousy, the desire for revenge and the undying love between Ana and Christian is all portrayed in this movie in a very entertaining way that really made me engaged in the story.

For those who may find it shocking that Fifty Shades Darker is getting a positive review by a reporter on a high school newspaper, it is important to sit down and watch the movie with an open mind  and no expectations as to what will happen in the movie.

If there are no plans for a Friday or Saturday night, heck, perhaps a Sunday night, maybe consider watching the popular trilogy that has caught the attention of millions of people.