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Girls soccer dominates Pomona

This afternoon, girls soccer dominated their second game of the season against Pomona, 5-0. After an away loss at Chaparral on Thursday, LHS bounced back and played a very strong game. They had a fast start scoring 3 goals in the first half while the offense controlled the ball and were in the Panthers zone for most of the game. Junior Sarah Gray scored three goals in the game accompanied by some great passes.

“I think we played really well today and are starting to come together as a team which is really nice to see! The new players are awesome, they all bring something different to the team which is cool,” said Gray.

There are many new faces on the team this year and LHS has been preparing to have successful season after the loss of seniors.

“This season is gonna be hard because we are playing really good schools but I’m excited to see how our team does and what we do. It’s a great group of girls who all work extremely hard so I think the season will be a good one,” said Gray.

If this game is any indicator to the rest of the season and how well the girls’ chemistry is, it should be a great season.