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Logan: a powerful cinematic triumph

Logan was released on March 3rd of this year and was directed by James Mangold. This movie was an emotional roller coaster all the way, especially for X-Men fans who have been through every movie and comic with these characters.

There are spoilers ahead so beware.

The setting is the future, 2029, and since the Wolverine, Logan, (Hugh Jackman) regenerates and can live for hundreds of years, he is finally older, and tired. Professor X, Charles Xavier, (Patrick Stewart) is being taken care of by Logan and Caliban (Stephen Merchant), in his old age. He is a danger to others because he is a very powerful mutant with the power to control minds and connect with people. Caliban was in the most recent X-Men movie as a mutant relocation agent that swindled people out of their money. However in this movie he is older and has a kinder side.

This movie was very well done because it had a strong emotional pull to how Logan and Charles are feeling and how they are losing their minds in different ways.

Logan is racked with guilt from all the horrible things he has done in his past, and Charles is losing his sanity and harming others with his mind without control. This rag tag group lives just outside the US border and are away from people as to not harm anyone.

This situation changes however when a young mutant girl, Laura, is in need of help after her caregiver died. This girl, Dafne Keen, is a young emerging actress who had little lines but a powerful presence. Once Logan discovers she has claws and healing powers like him, he at first rejects her and the professor wants to care for her.

The group then has to journey to a safe haven for mutants in North Dakota so Laura can be reunited with her friends like her. Laura and her friends are lab experiments using the DNA of past mutants to form new ones, however they all escaped. The men in charge of this operation hunt the crew on the journey and leave a deep cut.

The theory in the movie was, and was quite obvious, that Laura was Logan’s daughter, because they had his DNA.

In every X-Men of Wolverine movie, Logan was the lone wolf who was never expected to have a family and he didn’t take the news well in this movie. However he protects Laura later on in the journey and she protects him but they are both not good-people person’s. It is nice to see Wolverines soft side and the end is so touching because it tied the whole theory together. When Logan is dying next to Laura he utters these last words, “…so this is what it feels like,”. This moment was so emotional because Logan never had a family and he loved Laura and she was his family. This part made me cry and well as many other people I know.

Another tear tearjerker was when Charles was venting to a Logan robot, created by the government men, and was stabbed in the chest. Charles was always the one that loved and cared for any mutant and wished to help them. Charles was explaining how he understood what Logan felt and what he had gone through his whole life, but it was wasted on the wrong person. Logan carried the professor out and stayed with him until his last moments, and everyone was crying at this part too.

Overall this movie was beautifully done and really ripped up old wounds while reminding you of the past X-Men movies and comics. I loved this movie, however it is R, but I highly recommend it.