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Savers clothing store is closing in all CO locations

The thrift shop, Savers, that is well known throughout the LHS community for costume pieces or out dated things that aren’t sold new anymore has announced the closing of the two Savers locations in the state of Colorado.

In a Highlands Ranch Herald interview, company spokeswoman Sara Gaugl notes that “Local market pressures have made it necessary to close our Savers and Unique thrift stores in Colorado.”

This new change has come to a shock for the many people in the Littleton and Highlands Ranch area who turn to Savers as an alternative shopping source.

The nearest Savers is located just right down the street from LHS and there is another location in Highlands Ranch. These are the only locations in Colorado.

Once closed, the Savers stores that were not able to successfully clear their inventory plan to ship the furniture to other locations to be sold. As for the clothes, it is planned that they will be donated and possibly shipped to Africa for those in need.

March 13th will be the final day of business for both Savers locations, and the Unique store in Aurora who is under the same company will be open until April 17th.