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Baseball takes New Mexico

Last Wednesday, the varsity boys’ baseball team left for Farmington, New Mexico to compete in the Farmington Invitational Tournament. It is the very beginning of the season for the team so they are still working on getting their team put together and mastering their skills. After four days of hard work, the boys took home 2 loses and 1 victory over Durango.

“We played pretty well but could’ve and will do better as the season progresses because they were our first games so we have lots to improve but we showed lots of promise,” said senior George Schiebel.

For it being just the first games of the season, the boys are pleased with their work in Farmington. They are excited for what the season has in store as they continue to make progress everyday.

“We are a young team so it was good to have this time to grow together and start the season with a fun time,” said senior Jarod Dreiling.

A strong point for the team proved to be their pitching skills. The team is full of experienced pitchers who continue to lead the way as huge assets to the team. In addition to pitching, the team has a lot of speed that makes them extremely competitive against other teams.

With many strengths, the boys still have things they want to improve on going into the rest of the season. Hitting is going to a be a huge part of making them an even more competitive team. Seniors George Schiebel, Jarod Dreiling, Sam Kail, Max Fidler and junior Nick Caswell are shaping up to be the strongest and most powerful hitters this year.

The team always looks forward to this trip and getting to spend time with and get to know each other before the season is in full swing.

“These trips are a great op to connect like with long car rides and that jazz but also getting the chance to play lots of games together and rattle other teams lead us to come up with all kinds of funny inside jokes and things like that that last all season and then some,” said Schiebel.

After a promising weekend in Farmington, the ‘rattlesnakes’ are looking forward to taking on a tournament in Arizona in just a few weeks over spring break.

“We’re all excited for the season to get here but luckily we have a couple weeks off to clean up the edges knowing now what most to work on,” said Schiebel.