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LHS bands rock the stage

Last night, in the LHS theatre, Littleton high school jazz band, symphonic band, symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, and percussion ensemble performed their spring concert.

The night started with four songs from the jazz band. They played Caravan, Yo’ Baad Self, Zihuatanejo, and Zoot Suit Riot. Zihuatanejo featured the band singing in the middle of it, providing a twist that the audience wasn’t expecting.

The stage was next taken by the percussion ensemble who only play one song titled, Suburban Jungle. While percussion only played one song, they took over the stage with their music, and added a different element to the concert.

Chamber Orchestra went on next and played two songs, Drifen and Urban Concerto Grosso. Urban Concerto Grosso included five electric string soloist. There were two electric violins, one electric viola, an electric cello, and a bass guitar.

After the chamber orchestra played, the symphony orchestra played one song, Danse Macabre Op. 40.  After their singular song, symphonic winds went on stage and closed the show with four songs, Joy Revisited, When Angels Weep, Inchon, and Panopticon.

All five of the ensembles had great performances that entertained the audience. The next band concert is their instrumental music pops concert on May 10th.

Symphonic Band ends the night with their ending bow

Symphony Orchestra plays Danse Macabre Op. 40

Chamber Orchestra plays Drifen