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Lacrosse falls short in close game against Prairie View

This Friday, March 18, boys’ Lacrosse took on Prairie View High School at home. After a close battle, LHS fell by a close two points.

Throughout the game, the teams jumped back in the score being tied and even ahead by one point several times throughout the game. Unfortunately, in the few last minutes Prairie View was able to quickly score two points, taking the lead.

“I think we were working well as a team and our play was fine, but we were lacking with our will to win. We need more intensity and focus to win close games like that,” says junior Matty Peredes.

At the start of the third quarter, LHS was up 7-6. There were several scores on both sides throughout the quarter and by the end of the quarter LHS was up tied 9-9.

While the excitement in the crowd was growing on both sides, in the last quarter Prairie View managed to score twice bringing them to their 9-11 lead.

There were several students who came out to support the team, which brought up the energy of the game. Many of the student fans were decked in their St. Patrick’s day gear.

While LHS could not manage to pull off the win at this game, how close the game was showed hope for how the season will go for the team.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how our team develops this season. We have good team chemistry and I think we can have a really good season if we all commit to putting in the work during practice” said Peredes.