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Students shine at state Speech and Debate tournament

On Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17 the Speech and Debate team went to Mountain Vista High School to compete in the state tournament. It was a long, almost 10 hour day of competing on Friday, but only few made it to the second day.

In order to initially qualify for the state tournament, the students had to win, or get a high score, in three out of four rounds at state qualifiers. If they qualified for state, the student was then able to compete at this tournament.

To make it to Saturday, the students had to win or get high scores in all of their rounds on Friday.

The debaters who competed were Public Forum partners senior Brisa Banuelos and junior Matt Sehgal, Lincoln Douglas debaters juniors Will Dinneen and Ben Morris. The debaters tried their best and competed well, but unfortunately none were able to qualify for the second day. However, Morris broke to a runoff round, but was unable to secure a win.

Speech, however, did exceptionally well. There were four students competing: senior Kelly Steinberg and sophomore Ben Greenly in Humor Interpretation, and senior Sam Burke and sophomore Julia Valdez in Program Oral Interpretation. Steinberg and Valdez were able to advance to the second day of competing and found success overall.

At the end of the tournament, Steinberg pulled a second place win in HI and Valdez placed seventh in POI.

Overall, the lions are content with their results and are grateful they were able to qualify for state.

“It was my first time qualifying so I’m pretty happy with my season. It was a lot of fun and I am so proud of Kelly and Julia,” said Banuelos.