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Soccer competes in Arapahoe Tournament

Over the past several days, the girls’ varsity soccer team has been competing in the Arapahoe Tournament. The girls fell short to Monarch and Arapahoe high school and were triumphant over the East angels.

For their first game of the tournament on Wednesday evening, the girls took on Arapahoe high school in a high intensity game. The girls came out with a lot of strategy and skill on the field but Arapahoe’s aggressive defense was what allowed them to take home the 5-0 win. Junior player Taylor Rapp fought hard against the tough defense but unfortunately left the field early with a ACL and MCL tear.

“In many of our games already we’ve come out ready to be out there but not completely focused and we’ve been punished because of it,” said senior captain Carlisle Maney.

The next afternoon, the lions took on the East angels. After a hot and long game that went into double overtime, the girls were able to pull out a 2-1 win against the angels. Junior Sarah Gray led the team, scoring both goals of the game.

“Even though we were exhausted all of us kept working hard and wanted to win so it was nice to see no one gave up after we got scored on but worked harder to come back ,” said junior Sarah Gray.

Finally on Saturday the team played their last game of the tournament against Monarch High School. The team worked hard in the first half but didn’t do the small things and they ended up scoring 3 goals on us. After halftime the girls refocused and we came out a completely different team and the score of the second half was actually 1-1.  

“Next week will be devoted to figuring out how we can change the mentality in the team so we can come out strong and not let those 3 early goals in,” said Maney.

This tournament was a huge learning and bonding experience for the new team and the girls are incredibly pleased with how they played.

“It’s really cool to see our team dynamic and resilience so early in the season. We’ve had to play some really strong opponents and suffered some pretty hard losses but we fight until 80 minutes are up which is a really unique thing that our team has and will be really valuable for the rest of the season,” said Maney.