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Boys’ frisbee beat Heritage HS in epic comeback

On Tuesday afternoon, Boys’ Ultimate Frisbee faced off against the Heritage Eagles at Goddard Middle School in their second game of the season.

The teams were a perfect match in the beginning of the game as each team started getting their bearings for the game to come. But Heritage had gained the upper hand by the end of the first half, and LHS soon fell a taxing five points behind.

“We had an early deficit in the game: after scoring a few we were down five. We started to figure out what they were doing on offensive, how we could improve on defense,” said team captain Andy Bredar.

Then suddenly, as if someone had flipped a switch, the game completely turned around.

With only enough time on the clock for one more play, it was tied 10-10. At that moment, a perfect pass to the end zone landed right in the hands of LHS Junior Ethan Schwarz, securing the final point of the game. And with that, the Lions won with a score of 11-10.

“I think everyone was pretty amped up from the momentum, and we were all psyched to go into that last universe point and just take it home,” said Bredar.

The biggest thing the team could have done for a safer point-margin would have been paying some more attention to their zone defense, said coach Brian Meinert.

Senior Andy Bredar throws the disc

Junior Michael Melton shakes hands with a Heritage player after the game

Junior Lucas Ogilvie

Junior Nate Schwarz

Coach Meinert gives Junior Ethan Schwarz some mid-game tips