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Girls’ frisbee loses 3-10 in early season game

Yesterday afternoon, LHS Girl’s ultimate frisbee competed East High School in a hard fought game.

The East Angels proved to be a very challenging team. They had a speedy offense and a strong defense, making it hard for the Lions to squeeze in points. The final score was 3-10.

“They’re very fast. Their defense was very well done,” said senior Lauren Nickell.

The team isn’t out of a shot for the season’s future though. If anything, this game was an important experience builder for a new team – of the 20 players on the team, 10 of them just started to play at the beginning of this season.

“We have so many new people and I’m super excited about that,” said head coach Mary Rosenberg. “I feel like we’ve got lots of pieces and we just need to put them together,”

Because of the small size of the league, each team has a chance to go to state. All the team has to do is keep on working.

“We can definitely be one of the better teams just based on our improvement, and that’s what we’re doing right now,” said Rosenberg.

Coach Rosenberg, a retired LHS teacher, is happy to be back to coaching for another season.

“I really enjoy the relationships with the kids… When I retired [from teaching] three years ago I knew that was going to be really hard to walk away from,” said Rosenberg.

She hopes to continue coaching the team for at least another few years.

Players perform the team cheer

Senior Sanjali De Silva blocks an East player

Coach Rosenberg talks to the team during halftime