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Music behind the movie: La La Land´s phenomenal sound

La La Land was one of the most successful movies of 2016.  It was a modern day musical with singing, dancing and no shortage of catchy tunes.  The film was nominated for over 200 awards and won 86 of those awards.

the big names (such as Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling ) and the wonderful screen play made the film enjoyable and breathtaking, however it was the soundtrack that was the show stopper.

Musicals are typically known for being very upbeat with a Broadway type feel. However, La La Land brought something new to the table. Instead of being an ¨ïn your face musical¨ it took a smoother, jazzier and more relateable approach.  The songs in the film were catchy, well performed and very well executed.

It is always impressive when an actor can also sing (and dance for that matter). Emma Stone proved that she was the triple threat. With powerful pipes and graceful dance moves, Stone stole the show.  She truly showed her talent in the song ¨Audition” (The Fools Who Dream). In this piece, Stone showed her vocal range was impressive, as well as moving.

The song ¨City of Stars¨ performed by Ryan Gosling is a beautiful song that leaves listeners wanting more. It is also one of the songs featured in the trailer, making it one of the more popular songs.

Some songs that caught the listeners attention are: ¨Someone in the Crowd¨, ¨Another Day of Sun¨, ¨City of Stars¨, ¨Audition(Fools who Dream)¨ and ¨A lovely Night¨. All of these songs include dancing and powerful vocal performances, which is one of the reasons this film has had so much success.

Besides the songs that are sung in this film, the actual soundtrack is also a work of art. One of the most memorable scores is the song ¨Mia and Sebastian´s Theme¨. Composed by Justin Hurwitz, it is a beautiful piece played on piano that truly captures the love, heartbreak and growth the two protagonists face in the film.

The instrumental score also features lots of beautifully arranged jazz music which adds a fun element to the film. It makes viewers and listeners want to dance alongside Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

The films instrumental score is in high demand, as bands, orchestras and ensembles across the country are requesting copies of the scores so that they too can be apart of the wonderful nonsense La La Land creates.

With such an amazing score, I would not be surprised if La La Land becomes a new classic musical.

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credit  goes to  Moxie