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Track competes against City of Fort Collins

Yesterday evening, the LHS track team competed in the City of Fort Collins vs. City of Littleton meet. The Lions achieved some great things as individuals and worked together as a team to support one another.

“We had really challenging competitors, like Fort Collins, and they are definitely really strong, but I think we did really good especially since we are a 4A school and we had a lot less people. We had a lot of really good overall placings,” said senior Bruce Barnstable. 

It was a tough meet, but the student athletes pushed through it and showed how much they have accomplished in the few weeks that have passed since the start of the spring season.

“I felt pretty darn good about the meet. I thought the 4×4 race went really well. I thought we had a lot of motivation to do well, which I haven’t felt in the last two weeks,” said junior Charlie Meserve. 

Littleton placed fifth out of six schools who competed at the meet, with a total of 51 points. The majority of the schools who competed were 5A schools, while LHS is a 4A school with a smaller amount of athletes to compete on the team.

There were a number of students from LHS who achieved personal bests and high overall placings. Barnstable won the boys’ 3200 meter run finals. Junior Addi Iken also won the girls’ 1600 meter run finals, and sophomore Christian Sapakoff won the boys’ 800 meter run finals.

“I was so pumped. Going out I knew I had a chance of winning, but it wasn’t until halfway through the race that I actually was trying to win. I had a really good strategy, so I am super excited and proud,” said Barnstable. 

The Lions did an exceptionally good job of showing team spirit and supporting all of their teammates, even those whom they were more unfamiliar with.

“It is just fun to be here at night with everyone cheering. I thought that we did a really good job with support today; I saw a lot of people cheering for people they didn’t know,” said Meserve. 

As the track team progresses in their season, they continue to improve. However, they still have work to do.

I think we need to get in shape more, but I think that is something that will come naturally. I think our team has the potential to do some really great things later on,” said Barnstable.