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Motivation after Spring Break

Spring Break marks an important change in the atmosphere at LHS. Spring Break means that there are a little over six weeks left in the school year. This is exciting for all students. This is the most impactful for the students who are almost done with high school, the seniors.  The seniors are so close to being done with high school that they, in general, begin to stop being as motivated and hardworking as they could be. This is lovingly called “senioritis.”

Senioritis is an excuse for the seniors to lighten their work load at the end of high school. This is not a huge deal for the classes that are all seniors, the teacher has to either accept the lack of motivation and work from their students, or force them to finish their high school career working. The problem with senioritis is when the seniors are in classes with students in the grades below them.

If there is a class that is half Juniors and half Seniors, and the seniors catch senioritis, half of the class is no longer participating as it used to. This can lead to some major issues, especially if that class is a difficult, or group oriented class. It is simply not fair for a quarter of the school to decide that they are done with academics in high school.

Seniors need to remember that it is only a few more weeks and finish the commitments that they started four years ago.