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Boys’ frisbee loses 10-8 in harrowing match

Yesterday afternoon, the boys’ Ultimate Frisbee team competed against Lakewood High School in a captivating game.

By halftime, it wasn’t looking so good for LHS: Lakewood was ahead 7-4. But soon enough, the Lions were back at it with what seemed to be another one of their comebacks – not unlike the victory against Heritage HS in March. Almost as if someone had flipped a switch, LHS had another four points and Lakewood was still at seven, bringing the score to 7-8.

In an especially successful play, the team opted to set up a vertical stack in the endzone, which essentially gave LHS control of an entire half of it – all they had to do was catch the disc. Junior Will Dineen threw the disc into Littleton’s half of the endzone, where junior Ethan Schwarz leapt into the air to catch it, winning another point for Littleton.

Spirits were high, but the game wasn’t over yet.

The two teams went into the final 10 minutes tied 8-8, but this was when Lakewood managed to regain control of the disc, scoring their next two points and bringing the game to a close. Lakewood won 10-8.

“Their baseline player is very good, they’re very consistent all across the board,” said Team Captain Andy Bredar, acknowledging how the team doesn’t seem to have any kind of weak player to speak of.

“[It’s as if] they’ve got four different teams,” said junior Keaton Schreiber.

Lakewood is deep and fast, also bringing a number of strong throwers to the table. Littleton just couldn’t quite capitalize on the comeback in the second half, which is small feat on it’s own.

“We’re out of shape unfortunately… We need better conditioning,” said Head Coach Brian Meinert. “We’re going to be working on that come Monday.”

The team will be playing at Dick’s Sporting Goods stadium this Saturday in a championship where they will compete against many metro area teams, including Lakewood.

There’s no doubting the team has many success to look forward to in the upcoming tournament, they just need to be able to maintain a high level of endurance throughout the game in order to be able to prove the skill and talent they possess as a team.

“We’ll have revenge this weekend,” said Coach Meinert.

Win or lose come the tournament, it changes nothing about the strong community the team has built – a kind of community that can take the team to high places if the other aspects of the game fall into place just right.

“It’s just not only the sport but the community too. It’s one of those things you join and you automatically become part of the family,” said junior Ben Morris.