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Girls’ tennis takes on Golden

The girls’ tennis team competed against Golden High School today. Overall, Littleton was successful in winning all matches except three doubles.

The match started out with three single matches played by Reganne Fornstrom, Gretchen Schrodinger and Lauren Weiss. All were successful in their matches.

Shortly after playing the single matches, the doubles started to begin. This section started off with Ashby Bell and Abby Moses of Littleton against Lilly Plethin and Kate Sudford who play for Golden. The Lions won 6-5, and then 6-1.

Next, Sophie Craig and Tian McGuire of Littleton played a doubles match against Nikki Paris and Abby Waltz of Golden. Sophie and Abby took the win both matches with a score of 6-0, 5-7 and 6-0.

Rachel Hildreth and Shane Pufrene were then up against Esther Phenna and Catrina Cohn of Golden for the double match. Golden took the win on this one with a score of 4-6, and 2-6.

The fourth and final match was played by Katie Trigg and Lucy Schreiber of Littleton against Venna Fornsworth and Cait Remington of Golden. Littleton won 7-6, 6-4 and 7-4.

This brings Littleton into a good start of the season, as they are only a few matches in.