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Salsa Wars kicks off

Yesterday the annual Salsa Wars was held by  FCCLA (Culinary Club), and the students were very into it and excited to be involved.

Salsa Wars originally involved all the high schools as a competition to make the best salsa, but this year, Littleton is doing a smaller community competition. Many factors were put into judging, such as taste,  prep and presentation. The students are on a tight schedule and have to complete certain tasks in certain time limits. Any student in Culinary Club can join in.

“I am co-president of FCCLA…It goes down to how clean and safe you are, how you manage your time, and the overall salsa part, so how good it looks and how good it tastes,” said senior judge Rachel Wainner.

The students are very into this competition, and for some, it is not their first one. Many seniors are a part of Culinary Club including Miriam Tomlinson and Tashina Bautista who were partners in the competition. The schedule allowed them 10 minutes to clean and gather materials, 30 minutes to make the salsa, and 10 minutes to plate and present. This system is similar to cooking shows and how they set up their competitions.

“We are making an avocado salsa, so we have avocados and tomatoes and onions, [we do Salsa Wars] once a year,” said Tomlinson.

Every team had to find their own ingredients and make their own unique salsa with materials they got from the grocery store. The stress in the room was high, but everyone knew what they were doing and were grabbing materials and chopping vegetables with big knifes freshly sharpened.

“It’s fun. It’s fun showing off what you’ve done. There is one at Heritage and [other high schools], …the real Salsa Wars[goes on the strict time schedule],” said Bautista.

The Salsa Wars was a success and everyone looked like they had a good time. The salsas looked good, and during prep, all the students were very excited to continue through the competition. Next year Salsa Wars will be held again so make sure to join FCCLA!