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Track going strong

The Varsity track meet was held at LPS stadium on Friday the 7th, involving Columbine, Chatfield, Dakota Ridge, Arapahoe, Heritage and Littleton High School.

This track meet was very busy and crowded, but the students absorbed the atmosphere and competed at their best. The meet began at 4 and ended at 9 pm, so it was a long night for many competitors. Varsity track for Littleton ranged from freshman to seniors, and experienced to beginner.

Tents in the stands marked the home base for each high school, Arapahoe’s being the largest since they hosted the meet. Littleton spirit was very positive, and many students came out to support our lions.

The events are done on a time schedule, and each event is different. There is Shot Put, Discus, Pole Vault, Long/High Jump, Sprints, Hurdles and Distance. For Shot Put and Discus, seven Littleton students competed, for Pole Vault four students competed, for Long/High Jump four students competed, for Hurdles four students competed, and for Sprints and Distance over 20  students competed.

Track is a good sport to stay in shape and have fun according to many Littleton students. Many juniors and seniors have been doing track for a long time and love to compete.

“I like it…It’s my favorite. Most of the time it’s all mental…but with a positive attitude you’re just gonna do better, that’s just how I see it,” said senior Raquel Walker after her 100 meter dash.

The students in track always look like they are having fun and the atmosphere is very chill while people get ready for their events. Many teachers help out and coach as well, to help students in athletics as well as academics. The coaches really help push the athletes to their full potential.

Athletes are always trying to beat their time or achieve new PRs (personal records). Doing this can move them up in the ranks of the meet, and it is a good feeling to know when you improved.

“I feel great…PR means your new record and it helps you place in each heat, so from the slowest heat to the fastest heat…5 years I’ve been doing [track], I really like it,” said junior Tucker Hart who competed in hurdles tonight.

Varsity and JV track are fun to be a part of according to the athletes, and it’s not just running. Make sure to come out and support the Lions at upcoming track meets and every sporting event!