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Color guard starts fresh

This week officially marks the start of a brand new marching band season. Marching band, color guard and drum line are all fall activities, however with the amount of work all these activities take, the groups usually begin to prepare in April and May before the season.

Littleton´s marching band is known for being extremely hard working. No one represents this more than the color guard. On top of group marching band practices and rehearsals, color guard and drum line both do two additional practices a week and begin their individual work way before the entire marching band does.

The color guard has done well as a team in the past. However, they are in for some new changes this season. LHS has hired a new coach for the season, which will mean new structure, coaching and dynamic for the team.

On Thursday, members from color guard and drum line met with the new color guard coach, Whitnea McDonnell, and drum line instructor, Jess Quintana. McDonnell and Quintana introduced their hopes for the season and told the students that drum line and guard would be working together a lot this season. A big goal McDonnell has for the season is to make sure color guard is more integrated into the band.

Many of the students on guard have been under the same coach for many years, so this change will be good for them.

¨I like her.  I love how organized (McDonnell) is. I am still nervous but I think that is to be expected,¨ said sophomore Cay Zee.

McDonnell has coached color guard before. She has coached for many high schools and also for DCI groups, so she is all business. She is planning on stepping it up and making stricter routines for guard.

Marching band is a strenuous activity that tends to bring out a lot of emotions and sometimes drama. McDonnell does not do drama. At the meeting, she told future guard members that she will not tolerate drama, and will make sure all drama is solved ¨then and there.¨

Over the next week, both incoming and returning members of color guard and drum line will be having clinics. These clinics will help get students into the swing of things for the upcoming season and will also prepare the students for their ¨placements¨ (auditions) next Saturday, April 15th. No one will be turned down from this activity. It is really just so McDonnell and Quintana can see where everyone is and where they can improve.

Junior and senior guard members have the chance to audition for caption. Three or four girls will be selected and they have to prepare a performance.

¨I have been working on my audition for a couple of months now,¨ said Zee.

The upcoming show for the marching band is ¨Red as the Rose¨ and features custom written music which includes themes from Alice and Wonderland, RWBY and other familiar songs. The show is expected to be good. Auditions for drum major are on the week of March 17th.

After coming so close and falling short last season, the guard and the rest of the band is hopeful for the upcoming season. They would like to make it to regionals at least. With a new coach for color guard and excellent returning staff such as Quintana and Emmons, this goal is very possible.

¨I love the feeling of being part of a team. My favorite thing I remember is after we lifted Mama Sam (Samantha Young) at the very end of the show, we were all reaching up to the sky and breathing hard together. I loved the feeling of being part of something bigger¨ said Zee.

Guard is a very meaningful experience for many people, and with the opportunities presented by McDonnell, the team is sure to thrive.