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FBLA organizes 7th annual Shred-A-Thon

This morning, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) conducted their 7th annual Shred-A-Thon in order to raise money to fund for the FBLA State Conference taking place in a few weeks. Today’s Shred-A-Thon was very successful and raised lots of money for FBLA.

The annual Shred-A-Thon event began when FBLA advisor Connie Martin saw a church putting on a Shred-A-Thon, and she thought it would be a great way to raise money for FBLA. Sure enough, FBLA has raised quite a bit of money from this event alone.

From 9am-12pm today, several FBLA members traded off standing outside of the cafeteria next to a shredding truck. Cars could pull up outside of the cafeteria and an FBLA member would meet them right away to haul boxes out of their cars and collect money. The company from the shredding truck took people’s old tax documents, credit cards, mail, and other important documents, and shredded them right on the spot. Each box donated to be shredded cost $10, and 100% of the money made went straight to FBLA.

“Our truck is sponsored so we don’t have to pay for it, so all of it is profit and we don’t have to go sell anything,” said junior FBLA member Mary Muench.

According to Muench and the other members of FBLA, this year’s profits exceeded previous years’ profits by about double. They had a continuous stream of cars and made over $1,000 dollars. Each of the members seemed pleased with their morning and were excited to have had a steady stream of business.