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JUNIORS- How to prepare for the SAT

As the week begins, we are all bracing ourselves for the tidal wave of testing that will hit us in slow motion throughout the week. For juniors, one of the most important tests is coming up tomorrow- the SAT.

The SAT is a very important test that is necessary for your college applications. It is a nationwide test distributed by the College Board, and this year the SAT is even more valuable due to the change in testing requirements, making the ACT not be mandatory for students this year.  Whether or not you have decided to take the ACT, you should put your best effort forward for the SAT test tomorrow to show everyone just how prepared for college you are.

With such a big test coming up, many people wonder what the best way to prepare is. At this point, on the night before the test, you should do your best to relax and take the stress of the exam off your mind. Do not stay up late and cram for the test because it is unlikely that you will retain all the information you cram into your head the night before. It is better to relax and put yourself in the right mindset,  and it is important to get a good night’s sleep as well as a good breakfast so you can think clearly and be ready to go when you arrive for the test tomorrow. Keep in mind that you have essentially been studying for the SAT all year with the various material that you have learned in all your classes throughout the year, so you are more prepared than you may think.  Also, we all took the PSAT last Spring (which is very similar to the SAT), so you should have an idea of what the test is like and how you need to pace yourself in order finish within the allotted time.

If you feel like you need just a little more practice in your weaker areas, you can go to the College Board Website and create an account that is linked to Khan Academy. They should have your PSAT score(s), and they will use that to create personalized practice for you. If you have time, just spend a few minutes practicing the sections that you did the worst on.

When you walk in the door for the test tomorrow, here are some things that you need to make sure you have with you.

  • ID (you can use your school ID, or your Driver’s License)
  • 2 or more #2 soft lead pencils
  • An eraser
  • An approved calculator (see College Board website for list of approved calculators)
  • A watch (if you want to pace yourself during the test)
  • Water and snacks for the break times

Tonight, just relax and tell yourself that you are prepared for the test! Despite the importance of the SAT, it is important to remember that it is just a test. Worst case scenario, if you do badly, you can always take it again during the summer or fall. Just think positively and use all the strategies that work for you to do the best you can during test time tomorrow.