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Baseball edges out Wheat Ridge

This afternoon, April 10, baseball pulled off an exciting win against the Wheat Ridge Farmers. The game was close from the start and in the top of the third inning, the Farmers had the bases loaded, but LHS got a huge third out, saving many possible runs. Later in the bottom of the third, senior Max Fidler hit a triple. At the next at bat, the catcher then dropped the ball, allowing Fidler to run home and tie the game at three.

Both teams’ outfields and pitching were very strong for the remainder of the game. There were lots of quick outs and the game stayed neck and neck. LHS came away with the win, scoring a late run to defeat the Farmers 4-3.

“The game was pretty close the whole time but we were able to stay focused and get the win once we started hitting better,” said junior Jake Kissell.

Recently, LHS has had major success in a enormous win last week and a competitive win today. The team will be back at Littleton on Saturday at 11 am to take on Standley Lake.