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Girls Soccer On Track To State

On Thursday, April 6th in the evening the girls soccer team lost to D’Evelyn with a score of 1-0. This loss although disappointing is very early in the season, and has not brought the girls spirits down. Especially with the already plausible chance of going to playoffs in the future, and the possibility of state on the horizon.

Senior Nicolina Slenkovich who is on the Varsity team and has been playing soccer for the school her whole high school career said, “Our game on Thursday definitely proved to me that I think we will be able to make it to state if we continue to work hard, work together, and have fun as a team. I noticed that before the game everyone was smiling and talking and playing and I think that that really helped us during the game. I’ve never seen a group of girls so happy and bonded together”.

As for the game itself Slenkovich said, “Well our season has technically just begun. Deevelyn was our first league game. So far we have really improved especially defensively”.

Until this game Littleton had only been playing games with teams outside of our League. And a majority of these teams were in the 5A Class and had much larger teams creating a challenging environment for the girls, but that did not stop them from working hard and playing their best.

Senior, “Maddie Fuchs had an amazing game, she won every ball that came near her. She is a very strong defender”, said Slenkovich.

Fuchs had a very strong game and her hard work and diligence during the game earned her much respect from her team-mates.

With much of the season left the girls are really trying to narrow down what to work on. 

“I think we need to improve on pushing up when we win the ball instead of relying on our superstar Sarah Payson to score”, said Slenkovich.

She continued to talk about how  it is important for the girls to utilize Payson’s skills, while also working on passing the ball more and getting more girls involved in the play.