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Girls’ soccer takes home amazing victory

Last night, girls’ soccer competed against Ponderosa and came away with a solid 3-2 victory. It was not an easy game for the girls, but by working together, they got the win.

The game started out competitive, and it was obvious that the two teams were going to be a good match for each other. The first point on the board was made by junior Sarah Payson, and the next two belonged to Ponderosa. Then, LHS’s junior Katie Puchino scored one more time to tie up the game, 2-2.

“Once we tied 2-2, we had about 10 minutes left and if definitely motivated us to get another goal and win it,” said junior Sarah Gray.

The last several minutes were a very intense, crazy game. Amazingly, Payson scored a goal in the last 25 seconds, crowning themselves winners 3-2.

“It was a great game. It was a game that we won as a team because it took everyone to win it!” said Gray.

The girls’ win loss record so far is 4-6, and if they continue to play this way, the rest of their season is looking very bright. Their next home game is on Wednesday, April 26 vs. Standley Lake at 7:30pm.