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New restaurant established in Downtown Littleton

Encased with mountain style Mexican food, The Alley is a brand new restaurant recently established in Downtown Littleton. Their focus is to bring in this new style that can only be found in Colorado.

It offers a variety of Mexican foods, including different types of tacos that you can get a-la-carte in order to try to many flavors while saving money.

The Alley emphasizes the numerous different types of green chili they have to offer, considering it’s a typical mountain west food and it ties in the Mexican aspect as well.

The interior is beautifully decorated to match the rest of Downtown Littleton’s rustic and antique design. It is composed of a bar and a normal restaurant area.

When I visited, the food tasted great, but the service was lacking. Because it’s a new restaurant, I’m sure they’re still in the development process of installing more efficient service and staff.

I recommend trying this new restaurant because it’s not too much money and it’s so close to LHS. It is definitely worth visiting at least once.