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X the TXT campaign makes its way to LHS

Anyone who walks by can pledge not to text while driving by stamping their fingerprint in bright blue ink on their poster that lies flat on the table in front of two LHS students, Kayla Bratie and Miriam Tomlinson. Not only can students pledge to not text and drive, they get to take some information about the risks of texting and driving and how to prevent it. They also get the words “txting kills” in bright yellow letters that wrap around a student’s thumb in the shape of a rubber ring. X-The text is an anti texting and driving campaign which is run through AllState Insurance.

Students can also get a lollipop, and choosing one with a marker on it means they receive a free t-shirt.

Next to them is the back of a pickup truck with the remains of a car whose owners were killed when texting and driving.

“All five kids died in the car because not only was the driver texting and driving, but none of them had their seat-belts on. It’s the kind of example of what can happen if you’re texting and driving,” said Bratie.

As of interviewing them, there were about 50 fingerprints scattered along the poster that reads “X THE TXT. I PLEDGE TO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE.”

“We’ve given away a ton of t-shirts so far so it’s been pretty successful. We also have a ton of information for people to take home to tell their parents and get their families to sign the pledge as well,” said Braitie.

Their goal is to prevent any school deaths because of texting and driving within the school community.

“We just want to prevent any tragedies, really. We want to keep everyone in our community and at our school safe. It’s just that texting and driving is such a dumb reason to die,” said Braite, alluding to the statistic that death or injury by texting and driving is 100% preventable.

“There are just so many [opportunities for death] right there, and it’s just ridiculous. We want to raise awareness for this and keep our fellow students safe,” said Braitie.