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Guide to last minute prom plans

April 23rd?? How could it already be the 23rd? I thought April just started?!

Yes, kids. Prom season is upon us, and if you’re like me, you’re probably confused as to where the time has gone. The countdown to prom is now. Less than a week away, and I’m sure you’re either clueless to everything happening or you’ve been ready for weeks. But one thing I can say is, don’t panic.

For those last minute procrastinators I have some tips to get the event back in order and to get ready for the most hyped school dance of the year (or possibly the most stereotypical one, I’m honestly unsure as to what to expect myself).

1. Get your group in order.
If you’re a low rider and don’t like the crowd, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just get yourself ready for the event and be safe. But if you’ve got a date (go you) or a bunch of friends, you’re gonna have to sort that out. Meetups, times, before prom, after prom– it’s all very complicated and it’s even more of a rush if you’re planning this the day of. Get ready ahead of the game.

2. Reservations are key.
If you’re not planning for a big before prom, completely disregard this. But for those trying to treat yourself to an actual dinner rather than whatever finger food at the dance, this is where you have to take me seriously. Think about it, there are hundreds of kids about to disperse in the Littleton area and since we’re all unoriginal, there’s a lot of people about to be in the same restaurants. If you don’t want to wait in itchy formal attire for hours, skip the line and call in advance. It couldn’t hurt, but it’s especially important if you’re going with a big crowd. Oh, and be nice and tip your waiters.

3. Have fun but don’t get too crazy.
I know, it’s incredibly cliche but I had to throw it in, just because. It’s one of the few days in our lives where we get to dress up with all our peers and friends and let loose. For some, it’s our first, for others it’s the last time they get to experience this. But all in all, it’s so important to put all the worries in our life away and let loose. Especially when finals and exams are right around the corner, but that’s another story. (Just one more month until schools out, bear with me!) Whatever you do, just be safe and make sure everyone around you is in good hands.

4. Most importantly, stay calm.
On the 29th, we’ll all get together and dress up all fancy, dance awkwardly and regret it later. Don’t stress about it, there’s still time to start from scratch and still have a stellar night. Just remember that it’s not the end of the world if things don’t go smoothly either, that’s what makes it memorable for years to come.