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IB Theater show has a successful opening night

Last night, IB theater put on their annual senior show. This year, the show is called “You Cant Take it With You.” It is about a girl named Alice who comes from a pretty bizarre family who is far from normal. Alice falls in love with a boy who comes from a more normal and traditional family. The play takes a funny turn when the normal family and the bizarre family meet for dinner, and chaos follows.

The cast and crew all put lots of hard work into this show. Everyone helped with building the set, makeup and acting in the show. There have been plenty of bumps along the way, but the cast and crew all agree that it has been well worth it.

¨Of course, I am a little nervous but I am really excited for people to see (the show),¨ said Senior Willow Samu.

Theater means a lot to all the thespians, so the final show of the year is often very bittersweet. Many have participated in LHS theater throughout the 4 years they´ve attended Littleton. Others have done theater their whole lives.

¨I love being able to tell different people´s stories,¨ said Samu.

Theater takes lots of work. The cast and crew often stayed and worked long hours after school ended. Every individual had a responsibility to help the show run efficiently and smoothly. Although it took a lot of effort, the cast and crew are proud of the work they have done.

¨I think it is so coll to be able to study and connect with people you would never have met, and then share their story with people,¨ said Samu.

If you would like to see the show, it is tonight at 7.