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Model UN members succeed at final conference

Saturday, April 22, two members from Model United Nations attended a conference held at Kent Denver hosted by Fairview High School. Model UN has different conferences throughout the year where students are delegates for a certain country and they all have to work together with other nations to create a solution to a global issue. The delegates must have knowledge on the situation, their country’s position and be able to work toward a resolution.

Juniors Abby Moses and Sarah Urtz worked as delegates of France in the Kashmir Conflict of 1948. The council reenacted the original issue and discussions, but came up with better resolutions. There were about a dozen countries represented in the meeting and Moses and Urtz won best delegate for their speaking abilities, ideas and negotiations.

“I really enjoyed today’s conference and thought we had some great ideas for the conflict. It’s a little intimidating just being by yourself as a delegate, but working with Sarah is nice because we can collaborate and then work well with the other delegates to find a better resolution,” said Moses.

Model UN is a very neat club at LHS because it is great practice for anybody wanting to  improve their communication skills and learn about global affairs or politics. The team at LHS only has a small number of members, and they hope to grow because it is very interesting and unique by encompassing real world politics and skills.