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Lacrosse loses to Conifer

On Friday, April 21, the boys’ lacrosse team lost to Conifer High School with a score 13-8. From the very beginning of the game, the boys had a tough battle. Conifer lacrosse is first in their league and put up a fierce fight.

At the beginning of first quarter, the boys knew they were going to have a tough game when Conifer scored several consecutive goals, leaving LHS behind from the start with a score of 4-1. And the score only really increased in favor of Conifer second quarter when they scored six consecutive goals and LHS scored one. Conifer had very strong plays where they would quickly move the ball to LHS goal and then would just take every shot they could to get it in the net. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn’t, but this is how they got the majority of shots.

After halftime the score was 10-2, but the LHS boys were determined to put up a fight. They talked to their coach to figure out a better game strategy and discussed their weak spots and how to improve. They came back strong and didn’t let those sneaky shots get the best of them.

During the next two quarters, the boys scored six points and significantly caught up to Conifer, leaving the score at 13-8.

“Conifer High School is supposed to be 3A, but the majority of teams they play are all higher divisions and they have won almost every one of their games, which says something,” said senior Alex Thompson.

It has been tough for the LHS boys, who have recently seen several losses, but they are determined to keep working hard and finish the season off strong.