A Project for Better Journalism chapter

FBLA State

Last week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the LHS chapter of FBLA went to their state competition in Vail, Colorado. Students qualified for state by placing top 3 or 4 at disctrict competitions earlier this year. The Chapter competed in their events, attended workshops, and had a blast during team building activities.

There was a plethora of fun workshops, and the most popular one was the Zumba for babies, where people paid two dollars to do Zumba and raise money for March of Dimes. In their free time, people did homework, or just explored Vail. There were the opening and closing ceremonies that marked when their time had come to an end. Other fun activities included a dance and group activities.

In competition, LHS FBLA did very well and had great success. With competitions that ranged from eBusiness to career portfolio, there was a great diversity in events to compete in. The chapter as a whole had more people get callbacks, people placing in the top ten. LHS had 12 people get called back. This was especially impressive because Arapahoe has 191 members and LHS has only 30. The people who finished in the top three in events at state were qualified to go to state in Anaheim this summer.

“This was my best state yet because we all did really well and we all were friends so no one got left out. We did a ton of things as a chapter, we went out to lunch and attended panels and everyone was included,” said LHS FBLA president Jordan Howden.