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Girls Varsity Tennis Crushes It

The varsity girls Tennis won all their matches against Stanley Lake, even though the weather became a little shifty.

The win was 7-0 so all our Littleton players were victorious in their individual matches. While the girls were playing the scene was very quiet and everyone was focused on watching the game, while the players were in the zone.

“We are close to the end of our season…we have a winning record so far,” said head coach Jennah Hughes

The players have had a very successful season and will play their last dual match on Thursday against Valor.

Walking up to the courts to watch the matches, it is very quiet. Not too many spectators, and everyone is very respectful while the players do their thing.

“It’s the etiquette of the sport, you really only clap between points,” said Hughes

The fast pace of the games is different from many other sports because the points to win are low and the rules are limited. All players had good fast technique and could hit the ball just right so the other competitor couldn’t return it. Every hit was swift and clean, and it was very relaxing to watch.

School spirit could have been improved, so make sure you come out to see girls tennis against Valor and cheer on your peers and friends.