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Kong Skull Island Is Just Another Spinoff

Kong Skull Island, is the lastest King Kong movie to be released in theaters. It came out March 10th of 2017, and I can say that I am pretty un-impressed by the movie. It was directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and stared some pretty famous actors such as Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and John C. Riley. While they are all incredible actors and they personally had great performances, it was the story itself that really bugged me.


Unlike the past Kong movies that have taken place in the 1930’s or so, this version takes place during the Vietnam war. The basic synopsis of the movie is somehow a scientist convinces a senator to let him and a military team to go check out this island where boats go missing and many die. Including his parents. The trip is approved and they set sail, but not without a reasonable retired special ops bodyguard that is played by Hiddleston and a war photographer who is played by Larson. Once the get to the island they immediately encounter Kong and the characters mainly soldiers try to fight him which leads to a multitude of casualties.


After their catastrophic arrival event the scientists set up these seismic activity creators, which are pretty much just bombs. These bombs go off and they get some crazy reading and it makes Kong super mad because the reading they get are from creatures that liver under the island that he tries to keep at bay.  


The characters then decide they have to get off the island and get back to the boat, but of course they face obstacles. One strange thing they encounter is a man who has been stranded on the island since WW2 and is living with the indigenous, who by the way kong protects for a very vague reason. The WW2 man explained that the creatures under the surface are pretty much aliens and they look like them also, and their is one huge one that if woken up probably can’t be stopped.


On the way off the island Hiddleston and Larson have a brief encounter with the giant ape and it is supposed to be sentimental but it is actually just very flat and boring. Then of course the alien creature wakes up and there’s a giant fight, and Kong get his classic jaw breaking scene and he defeats the creature. Then everyone gets to go home and vows to never go back, the end.


The movie graphics are great, and I think that is what makes the movie so appealing to many. Giant monsters that look cool really draw the crowds in. What I can’t stand is the movie loses all its authenticity. It is a weird mix of a new story and a old story that need to be separated. It is like the older versions in the way that their are indigenous, a girl, a guy, and a giant monkey. Other than those things and a couple of copied scene ideas it is a totally different movie that is confusing and has no point to the plot.  The movie was made for no other reason than to be apart of the Kong franchise and to make more money, and it did just that.

Overall, if you don’t think about the movie too hard when you watch it maybe it won’t be that horrible. Otherwise I don’t really suggest wasting an exact two hours on the new spin off.