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Boys’ Ultimate wins 13-6 in season closer

Yesterday afternoon, LHS Boys’ Ultimate Frisbee squared up against Mountain Vista. As usual, the Lions were eager to play a good game and have a fun time.

LHS was first to seven points, only letting Mountain Vista score once in that timeframe. The Lions were able to bring up their point count to 13, Mountain Vista managing another 5. The final score was 13-6, a facile win for LHS.

Throughout the game, and especially the early stages, the team didn’t necessarily show the peak of their skills, lacking the finesse often displayed in more challenging matches.

“We were a little sloppy,” said team Captain Andy Bredar.

Mountain Vista proved to be a team which was tricky to defend against, as soon as they were given any space at all they capitalized on it.

“They took advantage of the way we were playing our defense,” said junior Matt Sehgal.

Despite the minor defensive struggles, this game was a perfect end to the team’s regular season, where only a few games were lost early on.

Because the game was possibly the last of high school for team captain Andy Bredar, coaches and teammates took last night to recognize him and fellow graduating senior Eric Zierk for their contributions to the team.

“Our good spirits held us together like a strong sticky glue,” said Bredar.

This statement is could not more perfectly sum up the chill attitude of LHS’ frisbee team: play the sport to the best of your ability, have fun and stay humble.

And now, the photographs.

Junior Evan Roberts leaps for the frisbee.

Junior Keaton Schreiber

Junior Ben Morris

Team captain Andy Bredar

Junior Ethan Schwarz doesn’t limit swatting discs to his hands

Junior Keaton Schreiber. Yes, he caught it before going over the line.

Junior Michael Melton

Junior Will Dinneen narrowly catches the disc.

Bredar shown next to Junior Matt Sehgal shortly after he was drenched in water by teammates.