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Girl’s Soccer beats Standley Lake in narrow victory

Last night, Girls’ Soccer competed in a triumphant, if narrow, victory against the Standley Lake Gators.

The Lions started strong right out of the gates, with a score by junior Sarah Gray with an assist from junior Katie Puchino within the first three minutes. Not long before halftime junior Sarah Payson scored the second point with an assist from Gray.

At the start of the second half of the game, LHS gave Standley Lake just a little too much leeway, allowing them to quickly rattle of two points. The game was now tied.

“They worked hard, they didn’t give us any space really, we had to move the ball to create space,” said coach Terry Banfield.

The Lions found a way to crank back up the speed and ball movement with a number of shots taken by Gray, Payson and others, who managed to get past the defense but still had to face a solid goalie and crossbar which kept getting in the way.

But there was still one more point to be scored – which bounced right off one of Standley Lake’s defenders and into the net. The score held at 3-2 to the very end.

This was a proud victory for the team, a tough win they really had to fight for.

“We’ve had a streak of hard games that have been hard for the team… It was nice to get a win again,” said junior Sarah Payson. “You can feel it on the team, everybody’s really pumped” said Payson.

A very energetic group of LHS students was there to support to team with cheering, chanting and singing – it was a marvelous show of school spirit, and perfect for the team’s well earned win.

Team members celebrate the final goal of the game.

Juniors Sarah Gray and Katie Puchino

Junior Sarah Payson taking a shot.

Junior Katie Puchino