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Spring pep assembly

This Friday, April 28th, the annual spring pep assembly recognized spring sports and clubs and got the ball rolling before prom this weekend.

For this assembly, we continued the new tradition that began at the winter pep assembly of having the sports teams and clubs compete in making a team dance. Many of the teams exhibited immense creativity in their choreography, but ultimately the panel of five judges was the deciding factor in their victory. The track team ended up victorious in this

competition, winning over the crowd when senior Kaysha Kacanda fell to her knees and rocked out to Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” with crowd singing along and cheering behind her. Many of the other teams had outstanding cheers as well. The girls’ soccer team had impressive synchronized choreography to Shakira’s “Waka Waka”, and boys’ swimming

also made the crowd cheer with their rendition of “Eye of the Tiger” from the popular 1980’s band Survivor.

Following these team competitions, the separate classes were asked to compete in Lip Sync Battles in honor of Urban Peak Week. The classes each did a great job rocking out to their selected song; however, the senior class definitely blew the rest of the competition away.

For Urban Peak Week, we raised over $300 and collected over 200 items of clothing. A representative from Urban Peak was a guest speaker at the pep assembly and thanked us for our efforts to donate to the organization. All the money and items collected will be donated to Urban Peak to help them provide for teens who are at risk of becoming homeless, or who

already are homeless.

Despite the fun festivities at the pep assembly, there seemed to be a general lack of school spirit. The class sections were not packed full of students as usual, pointing out a lack of attendance, and there was a lack of participation in the Lip Sync Battles. We have all heard the rant about keeping up school spirit, but it it something that people need to actually take seriously. Even though the end of the year is approaching, keep the spirit up and show some school pride!

Senior Kaysha Kacanda rocks out to “Welcome to the Jungle”

Boys’ Swimming dances to “Eye of the Tiger”

Girls’ Soccer dances to “Waka Waka”