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Student Council prepares to see new leadership

Yesterday, the results for next year’s Student Council leaders were released. Voting took place on Wednesday during an extended seminar. Those that wanted to run for an office position got up in front of their entire class and delivered speeches about why they believed they were the best fit for the job.

While this voting process doesn’t always seem like the best and many of the same students hold offices for all four years of high school, student council leadership is important for the LHS student body. The officers make important decisions about the school year and many other events as well as plan all of the school dances and community service projects.

The senior class seems to have much of the power in decision making as they get to control events such as SWAG. This year, senior class student council officers were a huge part of planning all of the senior week activities and many of the best events and parts of senior year.

For the upcoming senior class, student body president will be Sarah Payson. Student body vice president is Anna Whitney. Student body public relations officer is Turner DeShon. The class officers for 2018 are president Reganne Fornstrom and vice president Preston Novinger. Class of 2019 officers will be president Emma Slenkovich and vice president Rachel Tobler. Class of 2020 officers are president Makayla Franklin, vice president Jack Fidler and public relations officer Ellie Fuchs.

These officers will take on the responsibility of helping the LHS community run smoothly during the 2017-2018 school year. Good luck to all!