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Prom 2017!

Last night, Saturday April 29th, LHS prom was held at The Wildlife Experience in Parker. It was held in a big room with various tables for sitting, as well as a dessert table, and a photobooth to take photos to commemorate the night.


Despite the snow, many of the upperclassmen still showed up. The snow did cause a few minor inconveniences.


“ I was so upset about the weather. I had to wear a different coat that didn’t really go with my dress. I had a friend that almost burst into tears over not being able to take pictures,” said junior, Alahna Rowe.


Even though the snow put a damper on some of the before parts of prom, LHS students didn’t let it ruin the dance itself.


“I was expecting more people to be here by now, honestly. I wasn’t really going in with much expectation other than to have fun and enjoy my last few weeks [of being a student at LHS],” said senior Erika Corbitt.

This years prom theme was Sunset Under The Savannah, and the building was decorated with lots of lights, and it was very colorful.


Even the LHS staff was enjoying their time chaperoning prom.


“This is my 12th or 11th prom, but this is the best one,” said science teacher Cynthia Fornstrom.


For most girls, prom is a big deal, and this year was no different. Most girls wore the traditional long dress and their dates wore ties to match, but there were still girls who stepped out of the box and wore shorter dresses, including some girls who chose to wear a suit instead.


Prom royalty was crowned at the end of the night. Senior king and queen were Grant Bowman and Emma Olsen.
Much like years past, prom was a successful night, and one that the departing upperclassmen will always remember.