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Baseball hits hard against Green Mountain

Yesterday afternoon, baseball fought hard against Green Mountain in the league playoffs and was in constant competition with them the whole time. The final score was 5-11, Green Mountain with the win.

Originally, this game was supposed to be away at Green Mountain, but due to melting snow, Green Mountain’s field was too wet, and the game was instead relocated to take place at LHS.

The afternoon started out strong with Littleton gaining the first run on the scoreboard. Innings were moving quickly back and forth as both teams had very strong defense. Pitchers Christian Sapakoff and Grant Foster (sophomores) kept the game going, and Foster even struck out one of the strongest hitters in the league.

“I felt like we did a decent job in the first four innings with keeping it close by only letting them score one run. But after the fourth inning, we started to fall apart,” said Foster.

Towards the end of the game, senior Max Fidler hit a homerun and brought in three runs. Unfortunately, the other team hit a total of two home runs during the game, bringing in several runs as well.

“If felt great to hit it…it was my first one of the season. It’s just too bad it didn’t make a difference in the outcome,” said Fidler.

The game was definitely action packed with lots of hits and base running, and there were overall very few errors committed by either team.

The boys will continue battling in the playoffs in hopes of making it to state. They have a good chance right now based on their current record, and are excited for what the remainder of the season will bring.

“[I feel] pretty proud because we’ve beaten some pretty highly ranked teams,” said Fidler.

“I think we will [go to state] because as long as we win one of the next two games, we’ll have a good shot of getting in. But if we win both, then that would be even better…I think we just need to start putting everything together,” said Foster.