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Lions defeat the demons 4-2

This evening, the Lions soccer team came out to battle the Golden demons as they celebrated their seniors on senior night. The team took home 4-2 victory after a well-played and strategic game for the Lions.

“We played as a team. When we got scored on we didn’t give up and came back even harder than we were before,” said junior Sarah Grey.

The girls clearly came out tonight hungry for a win as junior Sarah Grey scored two goals within the first 10 minutes of the game. This set the girls in for what continued to be a high energy and intense game.

“We deserved this win. We’ve been playing really hard lately and it was nice,” said Grey.

Junior Anna Newby showed leadership on the field leading in assists as she set Grey up with open shots as goal and later scored the third goal of the game with a chip straight over the head of the Golden goalie.

“It was good because we’ve been losing some of our previous games and it felt good to win a game that could help us in the playoffs,” said Newby.

The Golden girls picked up the pace and were able to score one goal before half. This was no threat to the lions as Grey put in her third goal of the game with a header soon after.

“Our runs off the ball were really good and together we were really strong,” said Newby.

The lions honored senior captains Carlisle Maney and Nicolina Slenkovich as well as seniors Maddie Fuchs and Katie Roskam at half time.

“The friendships I’ve made, the skill that I’ve gained, the coaches are the things that I’ll miss the most,” said senior captain Carlisle Maney.

Tonight the lions proved they are a competitive team in an extremely competitive league. This win against Golden set the lions up well on their road to playoffs.

“I think we’ll get bumped down to 20s, which is really good since 32 teams go,” said Grey.


Senior Maddie Fuchs gets honored by her sister freshman Ellie Fuchs

Junior Sarah Grey prepares to take a shot on goal

Senior Carlisle Maney puts pressure on the Demons

Junior Katie Puchino dribbles the ball