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Rio Grande: a satisfying experience with great food

Looking for some good mexican food at a reasonable price? Rio Grande is a very tasty restaurant located near Park Meadows Mall with quite the variety of food choices on the menu. It is also reasonably priced considering it does sit on the border between being casual and formal.

My prom group ended up going to dinner at the Rio Grande, and the whole experience was definitely satisfying. When I called to make reservations, the staff was very friendly, and even when I had to call again to change the number of people in my reservation, they were happy to fix it for me. Upon arrival, we were greeted very nicely and taken upstairs to a table. The restaurant is visibly modern with two stories joined by a metal staircase.

Right away, our waiter brought us chips and salsa, and through the entire dinner, filled up our chips and salsa as needed for no extra charge. I ordered a bean burrito, and the portion was definitely big enough for me (which is saying something since I am a runner and eat a lot of food). My other friends’ dishes were also good-sized, and nobody left the restaurant feeling hungry.

On top of the common food served in mexican restaurants, lots of dishes at the Rio Grande are gluten free, dairy free and healthy. Two of the people in my prom group had food allergies, and were definitely able to find something they could eat and enjoyed eating.

Overall, I was definitely impressed with the staff, the variety of choices, the food quality/portion size and the prices. I would absolutely go to the Rio Grande again, and I highly recommend considering it as a dining option the next time you go out to eat.