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Lionfish fall short to Valor

Yesterday afternoon the boys’ swim team took on the Valor Eagles in their senior night home meet.

The boys are small in numbers making it hard for them to pull out a win against a team as powerful as Valor.

Although there aren’t many boys on the team they have been able to qualify juniors Turner Deshon and sophomore Zachary Weiland for the state competition.

Juniors Evan Montgomery and Devin Nash are hoping to qualify next week at league meets as they are only seconds away.

The team is extremely close knit this year and have created an supportive environment for each other.

“Well this year especially I really like all the guys on the team. They’re all funny and committed to contributing to the team.” said junior Turner Deshon.

The team is always eager for new opportunities and are excited for the team ahead of them.

“This year I took on diving and it proved to be a successful chance I took since I made state. I look forward to having most of the same great guys next year.” said Deshon.

The boys look forward to final chances at qualifying this week at league meets as they prepare for state.