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Choir pops concert takes over the mane stage

Thursday and Friday night on the LHS mane stage, the various LHS choirs performed their annual pops concert.

Every year choir does a pops concert where they sing various songs that are part of pop culture, whether that be new or old pop culture. The night is split into two acts, both featuring all of the different choirs as well as solo/duet acts.

To start the show, Women’s Ensemble took the stage with a medley of songs all from the 2000’s. The medley featured songs such as “Low” by Flo-Rida, “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift and many more.

Following Women’s Ensemble was freshman Francesca Montgomery singing “When We Were Young”. After Montgomery was a duet with senior Raphael Flavier on vocals and ukulele with senior Manny Padron also on vocals, singing “Holding On To You”.

Next was Cordially Yours who sang a medley of Michael Jackson songs. It included some of his most famous songs from when he was a solo artist as well as when he was in the Jackson Five.

Senior Grant Bowman went on next, singing “Call Me Irresponsible”. Concert Choir followed him, doing a medley of 80’s songs, featuring songs like “Eye of the Tiger” and “Don’t Stop Believing”.  On next was soloist, senior Alie Watson singing “Safe and Sound”.

Ending the first act was Ellaphants Gerald who sang “Orange-Colored Sky” and “Skyfall”.

After the short intermission, Syrens performed next with a medley of songs based around names. The medley featured songs such as “Valerie”, “Hey There Delilah”, and a reoccurring singing of “Sweet Caroline”‘s chorus.

Then seniors Juana Arroyo and Emily Sanders sand a mashup of “Battlescars”, “All of Me” and “Halo”.

Manwich went on next singing “Heartless” and “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin'”. Following Manwich were two more solo acts,  senior Makayla McLoughlin sang “In Case”, and senior Kennedy Hunter sang “Bound to You”.

To close the night Troubadours sang a medley of songs all about colors. The medley included “Black Bird”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and even LHS’s very own fight song.