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Reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why

Disclaimer: suicide will be talked about.

13 Reasons Why is a new Netflix series based off the book written by Jay Asher. The series follows Clay Jensen who is dealing with the recent suicide of his friend, Hannah Baker. He soon realizes that Hannah left 13 tapes with the reasons why she took her life.

The show was a Netflix Original series that aired all 13 episodes on March 31st. Since the show first aired it has caused quite the controversy. Since the show deals with difficult topics such as suicide, rape and self harm, it sparked more conversation than previous Netflix Originals have.

Despite how graphic the show was, I found it still entertaining with a good plot line. Each episode shows one of Hannah’s thirteen tapes and explains who the person on the tape was, what they did wrong to Hannah and what they were doing in present day life. The show jumped from present day to before Hannah took her own life, occasionally making it hard to follow, but still keeping it interesting. Parts of the show were hard to watch due to how graphic they were, but that was the only downfall of the show.

Not everyone in the media agreed with how the show was executed, mostly because it showed the actual suicide scene on screen. Even though it was gory, it showed the real effects of taking your own life, and in my opinion, made it scarier than it already was.

Due to the seriousness of the show, LHS administration sent out a letter to parents explaining the details of the show and explaining how important it is to talk to their kids about suicide and the mental well being of people. Along with the letter came an attachment on good ways to talk about the show and how the show was just that, a TV show. It explained how serious suicide is and explained that 13 Reasons Why is not how suicide works in the real world.

The show was a good way to get the attention of teens and demonstrate just how serious bullying can get. 13 Reasons Why is not a show for the lighthearted, but nonetheless, it was a good show with a fairly accurate representation of how serious and scary suicide can really be.